• Engine
  • Power
    555 @ 6000 rpm
  • Transmission
    6-spd aut w/OD
  • 0-60
    4.7 seconds
  • Drivetrain
  • Seating
    5 passengers
  • Fuel Capacity
    85 liters
  • MPG
    19.3 City / 10.8 HWY


BMW X6 M 2012β€”2013 6 s., sequential automatic 555 Hp, petrol
BMW X6 M 2009β€”2012 6 s., sequential automatic 555 Hp, petrol
BMW X5 M 2010β€”2013 6 s., sequential automatic 555 Hp, petrol
BMW X5 M 2009β€”2010 6 s., sequential automatic 555 Hp, petrol

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BMW X6 M About the car

There’s a monster on the road sent by Germany with only one purpose, burning rubber. The BMW x6 m is a machine built for precision and speed through brute force power. It holds a beast of an engine that delivers a 555 hp net power with an efficient transmission system that can be tuned to meet the requirements for top speed or acceleration. The car is similar to the super sports models like the M3 GTR except perhaps without the agility. The specifications are similar, yet the differences lie in their suspension systems. The X6 M has a stiff suspension that is perfect for a straight line speed and the engine is built to deliver the power required.

The mechanics

BMW X6 M, Photo #2 The car is an all wheel drive with a stiff suspension in order to accommodate a four door chassis. The stiff suspension prevents agility for the body by causing an under steer at high speeds. This happens because the stiff suspension is focused on delivering the speed and takes a lot of time to recover in order to begin the turn especially at an extremely high speed well over any limit. This condition is usual in case of a rear wheel drive with a stiff suspension, but an all wheel drive has the efficiency of distributing the speed among all the wheels. This allows the suspension to spare enough energy to make a turn. The lighter weighing chassis helps the suspension to operate more freely.

Tuning capabilities

Mechanical tuning is an essential part of bringing out the full potential of a car. The BMW x6 m has been tuned efficiently to serve one purpose that is speed. This tuning comes with the stock car and the specifics can be tuned to other purposes according to the need. Although there are computerized and automatic controls for the inexperienced driver to feel comfortable like ABS, dynamic performance control, optimized steering, etc, the main features would be the V8 turbo engine powering at 555 hp and the 6 speed automatic transmission. There are different modes, conclusively the drive mode, sport mode, and manual. Drive mode is for a normal drive, sport mode is built for paddle shifts to gain maximum speed, and the manual mode gives the driver the chance to shift through 6 gears quickly to gain acceleration.

The overview

BMW X6 M, Photo #3 The X6 has several qualities that make it a universal drive for all occasions including sport and domestic. For the drivers comfortable with shifting, manual transmission system with a low gear ratio is provided for acceleration and automatic transmission for those still a rookie at shifting. For sports, the car comes with paddle shifting that maintains gears at the red line on the tachometer in order to deliver maximum speed. There are several technological features that provide an ease in driving like parking assistance, adaptive brake lights and automatic brake control which helps in avoiding sudden impacts. There are features like hill descent control that help in adapting the brakes to the incline so as not to roll off. The vehicle is the perfect car for any occasion, be it domestic, comfort, class, or speed.