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Alfa Romeo Logo Now in their one hundredth year, Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910 as part of Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automonili, an Italian car manufacturer. In the same the year the company released their first model, the 1910 24 HP (pictured). This model had a 4082 cc engine, was capable of 42 BHP and could reach a top speed of 62mph. More recently, Alfa Romeo has had a lot of success with their newest models, including the Giulietta, the 159 and the Brera (pictured). The innovative yet fun-loving nature of the company can be seen in the design of the Zagto SZ, the GTV and the Spider. In the near future the new Alfa 159 Progetto 944 (pictured) and the new Kamal C-Crossover are set to be released. The company also has several hybrid and full-electric models in development, which should help to secure the future of this renowned car manufacturer.