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Pace and Power redefined by the Ford Pickup

Ford Pick-up Overview

Initially, the Ford Pickup was started as a replacement for the other pick up models. It had eight different weight rating and panel trucks in a conventional body style. As efforts were being made to improve the engine, the car functioning became much smoother than before. The braking action also did not provide any kind of inconvenience.

Application in Motorsport

Ford Pick-up, Photo #2 In 2008, the car entered the world of Motorsport. It has been fully modified for full size pick up models. The car was designed with the cooperation of the Ford Special Vehicle Team (SVT). Other teams like the Foutz Motorsport and the Ford racing also joined in the effort to bring up this new model. The Ford Pickup Raptor model finished the race on 2008 only to come third. The car was not able to complete the race in the desired way due to a catch up crash by another car in the middle of the track. The model is considered highly reliable when it comes to crashing incidents at motor sporting events. However the other model of Ford finished the race in the 12th position much because of a mechanical damage that was caused in the 11th stage of the race. This led to the disqualification of the car.

Awards and recognitions

Ford Pick-up, Photo #3 Since 2009, the car has won several awards and deservingly so. The awards won include Motor Trend 2009 best pick up of the car, 2009 best redesigned vehicle, Award for Automotive excellence from popular mechanics, Accessory friendly design pick up, Safety Pick award from the insurance firms, “Best Luxury Pickup” and also “Truck of Texas”, Residual Value award for continuing to sell at the original price with which the vehicle started rolling out, Best overall half tonne pickup from pickup Moreover, it was stated that it was amongst the top five pickups and was credited by the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA)

Special model

The Harley Davidson edition was released by Ford as one of their special models. It had a standardized length of a bed and was moved to the Super crew team. The company specially designed the model by adding an extra supercharging engine. It was supplied with a slightly larger pulley than normal. The particular edition bagged a 100th anniversary requisite. The latest version of Harley Davidson was launched at an auto show in Chicago. With a maximum speed of 115 miles per hour, it reaches the required exhaust tone. It has a comfortable leather seating arrangement including an authentic biker jacket accessory unlike the ones in the car.

Some more important facts

Ford Pick-up, Photo #4 Other versions of Ford Pickup have heavy duty pickups. Brazil and Argentina converted the petrol engines to operate on biodiesel, LPG and the other alternative forms of fuel. The company manufactures right hand drive model of the same model for exports in other countries as well. Initially, the vehicle had a door and cab structure accompanied by a cluster of instruments in the dashboard. In spite of not being very popular, the car went on to do 40 per cent of the sales from the US and Mexico alone. In Mexico, the latest version was a Lincoln badged Platinum medallion.