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Mercedes-Benz Vario 310 Mercedes-Benz is not only renowned for providing perhaps the best luxury vehicles in the enterprise in the same kind that Ridgeway is not only known for supplying new vehicles. Mercedes is furthermore renowned in the field of financial vehicles and motor trucks and the Ridgeway assembly is also an authorized dealer of the Mercedes-Benz Vario 310. The Mercedes-Benz Vario (model designation W670) is a full-size commercial hefty van constructed by Mercedes-Benz. Initially commenced as the T2 (Transporter 2) in 1986, the Vario profited its current name when it was face lifted in 1996. It is critical to note that the Mercedes-Benz Vario is the largest van in the class in terms of capacity and payload and it is this distinction alone that makes the Vario ideal for intermediate to large businesses that operate in Portsmouth. The Vario has verified a popular groundwork chassis for minibuses and mini-coaches, whereas the demand for minibuses has turned down with new guidelines requiring handicapped get access to, whereas a model with a wheelchair raise is now available.

Specifications of the vehicle

The Mercedes-Benz Vario is accessible in two standard body configurations: section van and chassis cab. The former boasts a burden volume of up to 17.4 cubic-feet and can be organized in three body extents to further boost the burden capacity. You can also configure a variety of bulkhead configurations along with the addition of skidding doors. The chassis cab type is available in four distinct lengths and is most matched for hefty obligation use. This version will give you the possibility to prescribe numerous exceptional body varieties to match any type of proposed reason.

Engine specifications

Mercedes-Benz Vario 310, Photo #2 The 4.2-litre four-cylinder diesel motor is benchmark over the variety and offers a distinct array of power yields extending from a 136-hp version all the way to 177hp. This will ensure that you are granted the choice to choose the right motor output for the intended application. It is protected to suppose that the motor of the Vario was conceived to give thousands of miles of problem free and dependable motoring. It is safe to suppose that the motor of the Vario was designed to give thousands of miles of problem free and reliable motoring.


Mercedes-Benz Vario 310, Photo #3 The lightweight Vario top covering is accessible in three choices, as benchmark the top covering comes decorated the identical hue as the vehicle, alternatively you can have an all glass panoramic roof. The newest choice is the Vario-roof with Magic Sky Control. With this characteristic the glass top covering switches to lightweight or dark as one desires at the press of a button. When lightweight it is virtually clear, offering an open-air experience even in cold climate. In its dark state the roof supplies welcome shadow and stop the interior from heating system up when the sun's rays are very intense.

The Mercedes Vario 310 is decisively worthy to be advised in the broad variety of commercial van available in the market today. One must ascertain out this truly incredible financial vehicle at a Mercedes-Benz Vario Portsmouth trader near you and find out why Mercedes is a trusted title when it comes to dependable workhorse.