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A truck to multitask – Toyota Tacoma TRD

Do you wish to own a vehicle that will help you tow something, take off at a very high speed, pickup a rapid test or drive through the streets of a busy town? If you want a truck to serve all these tasks and stand by as a family car, you must decide on the Toyota Tacoma TRD. Not every family will have the wit to afford a sedan and a truck! This is when the Tacoma stands to be an effective vehicle that could be used a splendid car and a notorious truck! The purpose built vehicle has a V8 powered engine to serve as an effective family vehicle.

Choose what you want!

Potential buyers are allowed to configure Toyota Tacoma TRD as they wish. They can use it as a standard cab with two and four wheel drives, a double lengthened cab and as a short bed for small trips. Furthermore, the TRD comes in two different models. This includes the TRD sport and TRD off road package. These are two different but world famous choices offered by the Tacoma producers. The brand confers drivers with multiple body styles, drive trains, trim levels, engines and suspensions. The full sized truck will help you tow at least 9000 pounds.

What you want is what Tacoma has!

Toyota Tacoma TRD The Toyota Tacoma TRD is exceptionally reliable and convenient. It is designed with modern electronic gadgets like improved Bluetooth tune ups, iPod Connectivity and several web based applications to integrate with Toyota’s Entune System. Tacoma is a good truck for daily light duty usage. Though the truck lacks a sturdy outlook, it does stand to be a tough competition against the Nissan Frontier and many other famous models. Additionally, the midsized pickup truck has a 15-inch steel wheel, flawless air conditioning, a cloth bench seat, a composite bed liner, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel and an auxiliary audio jack.

Hill climbing made easier

Toyota Tacoma TRD, Photo #2 Anyone who loves to go uphill driving must go for the Tacoma TRD. The model’s sports package has a special hill start assist and a hill descent control. These features are supported with special sport seats. The entire TRD sports series comes with a 2.7 liter four cylinder engine and a choice of rear or four wheel drive. The standard 4-cylinder Tacoma produces a horsepower of 159 and a torque of 180pound-feet.

Speeding with the Tacoma TRD

Toyota Tacoma TRD, Photo #3 Moreover, the five speed manual transmission unit allows drivers to reach 25 mpg on highways and a speed of 21 mpg on common city roads. This produces a combined speed of 23 mpg. While, car aficionados who make use of automatic transmission drops will only reach a speed of 19 mpg on big busy roads. Nevertheless, the four wheel drive model gives away a speed of 18 mpg in cities and 21 mpg in highways. The combined speed attained by the Toyota Tacoma TRD, irrespective of the transmission method is around 19 mpg. This is quite remarkable for a truck that serves several different chores.