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Bajaj platina Brief Overview

The Baja Platina is a 100cc motorbike that was produced by Bajaj Auto- an Indian automobile brand. It was launched in the year 2006. With the pricing range starting from Rs40000/- in Indian currency, the motorbike crossed 500000 unit sales within just eight months after the launch. The DTS Si engine of the motorbike had the XCD feature added to it by the year 2008, when the sales were soaring as high as 30,000 units per month. The Bajaj CT 100 is the predecessor model of the bike. The 4 stroke engine operates on a single piston in a cyclic manner and facilitated the kick start method of initiating engine combustion. The brake drums are present both at the rear and the frontal region. It is closely related to the Kawasaki wind model of the same manufacturer.

Technical Specifications

Bajaj platina, Photo #2 It has a 4 stroke naturally air cooled engine that produces a displacement of 99.27cc. It delivers a maximum power 8.2 hp and a torque of 8.05 Nm at 7500 and 4500 rpm respectively. The digital CDI ignition type and the constant mesh type transmission is a highly complimented aspect of the engine. The telescopic type suspension techniques make use of hydraulic methods at both the front and the rear that travels up to 125mm. The tyres are specially designed to withstand corrosion. Branded tyres have a life span that is much longer than the other ones. The fuel tank has a capacity of 13L. The headlamps and the other electrical connections draw power from the 12Volt batteries that are used as an AC source. With a long wheelbase, it has a total height of 1090mm.

Outlining features

The 4 stroke 100cc engine serves as the heartbeat for the Bajaj Platina. The engine has been able to set benchmarks with its high performance capabilities when it comes to mileage. The advanced control operations allow the rider to maintain a suitable speed so as to extract the best possible mileages.The extra-long seat of the bike makes it suitable for family rides as well. The soft cushion like appearance of the seat provides comfort to the riders. The suspension techniques are designed specially to serve the purpose of shock absorbers that might be caused while avoiding a pothole on the road. The 1275mm long wheelbase accompanied by the braking action of the drum discs make safety the prime concern for the bike manufacturers. When it comes to styling, the dazzling graphics and the silvery appearance of the alloy wheels renders it the sexiest possible look. The sleek designing of the rear panels and the fluid design of the rails make it even more appealing to the eye. The black silencer and the heat shield of the motorcycle are the other styling aspects of the bike.


Bajaj platina, Photo #3 This version of the motorbike along with the Pulsar 135 model provides the best possible acceleration which is of key concern to the driver. The other features should also be carefully examined before opting the bike. It is a good choice for the customers who are looking for descent performance levels within a limited budget. It has become a major success in the motorbike market.