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Detroit: Dodge ZEO Concept

Dodge ZEO 100% electric Concept car Close up & Driving

Mysterious Dodge Zeo

Dodge zeo The Dodge Zeo is a four-traveller, 2+2 diversion wagon and takes an about converse arrange course from the Chrysler, with a long hood, rearward lodge, and mammoth 23-inch wheels. The Zeo, according to Creed seems to be a substitute, capable kind of muscle auto for the next centuries. With a successful 200 kw electric motor for a light 2650-pound control weight, the Zeo can remove zero-to-sixty times of not precisely six seconds and is planned to be the earth peaceable all-electric vehicle for driving darlings.

The Power pack Accessories

Dodge zeo, Photo #2 The controlling wheel, segment, and instrument pack is treated as a single unsupported arrange part in the Zeo, and the instruments are demonstrated on a meagre blue acrylic survey screen. There's a slender centre uphold down the middle, making a twin-cockpit arrange, with transformed aluminium stresses all around. Separating Copperhead sewing outlines the Super White upholstery. Notwithstanding the way that its 2+2 seating, there are two compartment arranges in back, each with significantly moulded backings, and film screens are fused into the front seatbacks for back tenants.


The North American International Auto Show has a marvellous time thoughts, however not every single one of them could claim to be really biologically neighbourly. The punchy, electric Dodge Zeo is a striking uncommon case and gives us trust for what's to want no specific excuse for why, electric-just automobiles.

Muscle Auto

Power hails from a 200-kw electric motor, and the electric cell pack is noteworthy enough to affect the even evidently inconsequential issue in the extent of 250 miles—the same go offered by the Tesla roadster. More basic for a couple of us on staff, the Zeo is said to can finish Hemi-like execution, dashing from 0 to 60 mph in fewer than six seconds. It doesn't hurt that the back wheel-drive pseudo-wagon weighs just 2650 pounds.

Charming name

Dodge zeo, Photo #3 Other than having a horribly charming name—it stands for "Zero Emissions Operation," fortuitously, yet may also work for a housecat—the Zeo is unpleasantly beguiling in single person. At 173 inches long, the Zeo is about an inch shorter than a Dodge Caliber and a hair slimmer. The tallness is an unimportant 51 inches, and the wheelbase is an inch more enlarged than the Avenger's at 110. Notwithstanding its low-tossed, practically creepy crawly like stance, it holds the trademark Dodge crosshair grille, which is lit using Leds. The motorized scissors entrances open suicide-style, then again we wouldn't have any longing to be the first ones to get our hands (or heads) got as they slip. Likewise Creed thinks—as do we—that the long hood and the 23-inch wheels are as getting as the zero transmissions.

Hi-tech Equipments

Inside, the all-white seats are balanced perfectly by the faint floor blankets, and there's the standard sprinkling of show-auto high-tech gear on showcase. The perspective out is as emotional disposition blowing as the perspective in, by prudence of an unitized windshield/sunroof that begins at the hood and meets up over each of the four seats to the lift gate.