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Honda Civic VTEC


Honda Civic 1.5i VTEC-E 1997—2001 5 s., manual 114 Hp, petrol
Honda Civic 1.5i VTEC-E 1995—1997 5 s., manual 90 Hp, petrol
Honda Civic 1.5i VTEC-E 1998—1999 4 s., automatic 114 Hp, petrol
Honda Civic 1.6i VTEC 1990—1991 5 s., manual 150 Hp, petrol
Honda Civic manual 75HP (55 kW) @ 6000 rpm
Honda Civic manual 60HP (44 kW) @ 5000 rpm
Honda Civic manual 60HP (44 kW) @ 5500 rpm
Honda Civic 2.0i-VTEC R Manual 299HP (220 kW) @ 6200 rpm
Honda Civic Manual 299HP (220 kW) @ 6200 rpm
Honda Civic 2 Manual 299HP (220 kW) @ 6200 rpm

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All about the Hyundai Starex SVX Turbo 4WD

The Hyundai Starex SVX Turbo 4WD represents a vehicle that offers plenty of value for the price paid. It is a model that exceeded the expectations of serious car aficionados. It is a step ahead the margin established by common vehicles. May it be its refine nature or novel features, the amazing vehicle offers space for eleven big people! The model is carefully designed to carry people. The Hyundai Starex SVX looks like a modern MPV, which serves a lot better than any conventional van. The van-like SVX replicates the Toyota Aplhard, when viewed at a certain angle. This makes it an attractive MPV to look and ride on.

Handling the Hyundai Starex SVX

Though the Hyundai Starex SVX Turbo 4WD has a bulky look, it is extremely easy to handle. The passenger van devours a car like monocoque build up to attract family based travelers. The vehicle’s light steering makes it apt for city driving and long distance trips. The steering allows drivers to turn the vehicle within a distance of 5.6 meters. Furthermore, the vehicle delights drivers with strong grip levels and a well controlled body. The Hyundai Starex SVX’s high center of gravity, net mass, antilock brake system and electronic stability program is designed to meet the MPV standards.

The van’s comfort level

Honda Civic VTEC The Hyundai Starex SVX Turbo 4WD offers an utmost level of support to its passengers when the vehicle is driven over uneven surfaces. Nevertheless, the vehicle’s suspension tends to fail when it comes in contact with huge bumps. This is when the cabin fixtures rattle across several sides to interfere with the comfort level of passengers. Conversely, developers have refined the whole model to meet up with strong winds and engine noise in a sturdy manner. While, the flat seats have done great help to the Hyundai Starex SVX’s overall safety quotient. Drivers can always rely on the van’s big wing mirrors and rear parking camera to move through tight roads.

The performance of Hyundai Starex SVX

Honda Civic VTEC, Photo #2 The Hyundai Starex SVX has a high quality build to elevate the brand’s fit-and-finish look. The dashboard is made of soft plastics, while the other parts are fabricated with unique materials to differentiate the SVX from normal vans. According to the JD Power Customer survey, the model scored a great rank due to its reliable nature. This further attributes to the massive car’s 2.5 liter turbo diesel system with a power output of 168 bhp at 3800 rpm. The enormous torque bequeathed by the SVX at low rpm values in simply impeccable.

The enormous boot space

The Hyundai Starex SVX has a 3-3-3-2 seating arrangement. The third row and middle row could be folded to replicate the look of a table. The boot capacity of the van is exceptionally high. Thus it allows its passengers to carry lots of goods! The fuel economical Hyundai Starex SVX is appreciated by budget conscious buyers. The Starex SVX has taken the brand Hyundai to a whole new level of fame. It has won a battle against many other world famous rivals like the Volkswagen transporter and the Ford transit. This proves the active nature of Hyundai Starex SVX Turbo 4WD!