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Toyota Corolla AE86


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A vehicle which is here to stay- Toyota Corolla AE86


The Toyota Corolla AE86 belongs to fifth and sixth generation of the Toyota model. The chassis code serves the brevity purpose and represents the RWD model range. The Toyota Sprinter Trueno and Toyota Corolla Levin are more compact and lighter in weight introducing the hatchback and coupe technique. The car is among the last of the driven cars of the particular type. It is mainly a rear drive car at a circumstance when the majority of the vehicles is switching to front drive. A limited edition of the version was ultimately replaced by the front wheel drive.

Technical configurations

The Toyota Corolla AE86 model has a 4 cylinder twin fuel injector featuring a Japanese engine. The same engine is also used in the Toyota MR2 engine. With a maximum net power output of 110 lb-ft torque, it was later on down rated to 120PS from 130PS. The other important aspects of the engine are the five speed manually controlled gearbox which eventually became automatic. T-VIS (Toyota Variable Intake System) is incorporated into the engine with an allowance for LSD. The disc brakes are ventilated specially with an independent suspension style near the frontal part. The live four linked axle is provided with spring coils in the back. They are further provided with stabilizer bars as well. The American version of the models has drum brakes at the back. This particular model had a somewhat softer suspension system. It is facilitated with automatic transmission and slight interior modifications in style.

Body style

Toyota Corolla AE86 The Trueno and Levine species of the model possess a 3 door lift back called the hatchback style. The two models are almost identical, the only exception being the style of rectangular headlights. There were little modifications in the body style which made a different appearance in tail lighting. The Trueno and Levine model is characterized by fixed and pop up headlights respectively. The older models were commonly referred to as ‘Zenki’ and ‘kouki’. However the coupe model is lighter than the two.


Toyota Corolla AE86, Photo #2 Some of the specifications of this car are 87 HP horsepower, 4A-C 1587 cc engine, SOHC 8-valve inline-4 carburetted engine type, T50, flywheel of 6 bolt M/T transmission, 9.0:1 compression ratio. The car has a minimum weight of around 910 kg and is equipped with the 2-door GT model from Japan.

Role in Motorsports

The car has always been a popular choice for Motorsport. The vehicle participates in Group N and Group A racing in designer circuit tracks. Several private teams continue to race AE86 even after the manufacturing of the cars was completely stopped. Configuration of the rare drive is a part of its appeal in Motorsports. It is also one of the unique aspects of the vehicle. The car was usually dominant amongst the lower category and faced tough competition from AE92s and Honda Civics. Its growing popularity is evident from the increasing number of purchases by the car racing teams in the UK. The Turbo producing around 300hp made a regulated space frame Trueno.