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Heuernte 2012 Rundballen Fahren mit Fendt GT 231 S und International 453

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A different tractor series taking over the market – fendt gt

Fendt gt 1953 presented his first Fendt apparatus carrier, a fendt gt. The yield of this pattern started in 1957. 1959 Fendt was the DLG bestowed reward for the scheme of one-man Fendt tool carrier.

The late 1960s, the 231 GT was produced which had its first high gear with up to 30 km / hr. In the 1970s, Fendt expressed out a modified kind of the GT, the F 250 GT. In this the (now higher) engine was positioned lying under the driver's cab and thus wholeheartedly went away from outlook, the transmission was in sync and was not about to put a converter in two stages.

Features of the vehicle

Since the apparatus support all had no cabin, which was no longer, argue with the claims of the time, the friends come to in the mid-1970s, 255 and 275 GT on the market, which had a solid cab and even a hovering front axle. It furthermore gave them a GT with long spar or GTF with a shortened originate. End of the 1970s was then suggested as a localized variant of the 275 with all-wheel-drive GT. In 1984 a new variety was offered, the GT / GTA 300, e.g. 345, 360, 380 GT / GTA. These were three-to four-cylinder engines from Deutz equipped, offer a new transmission was utilized, the 21/6 speed overdrive, absolutely synchromesh gearbox, which allowed 21 ahead and six turn around gears. Although, this transmission was very susceptible and was dressed in out very quickly with improper administration. In the late 1980s, the program was amplified to encompass the six-cylinder GTA 390/395, which arrives standard with spacious cab and EHR were equipped 1993 Fendt Xylon was suggested. This was too costly for most ranchers and not agile sufficient, so he was mostly utilized by localized management.
In 1998, the 380 GTA was modified. Thereby Deutz four-cylinder was before 80 PS with turbocharger equipped and therefore had a yield of 95 hp, the vehicle was changed in the design of the C 500 sequence very popular. This was then built with the 370 GT to the end of yield in 2004.

The alterations in agriculture have directed to growing businesses and demand for ever larger machines, while the one-man design was well advised out, but too little motorized to be utilized on large ranches. This was from the 1970s, the paragraph back. Since the engines utilized furthermore could not meet the high emission measures, furthermore aided to the apparatus from the carrier. A smaller type of the fendt gt from 2000 was made by another enterprise exceptional gear.

Structural description

Fendt gt, Photo #2 While the devices support many other manufacturers had a boundary comprising of two tubes, utilized Fendt only one bar of square part iron alloy. This structure was also equipped with a centralized pivot, so that a pendulum axis accounted for and the bearing apparatus conformed to the front of the vehicle would be flawless. The motor was in front of the directing column, on subsequent forms furthermore under the engine truck, which made more room for the operator.