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All the Classics in Ford Falcon XC Ute

Ford Falcon XC Ute The 1978 Ford Falcon XC Ute is a classic in every sense of the word. The car is a pickup truck that has the ability to bring up all the fantasies. The front end has a classic muscle car look with twin lamp headlights and the rear is a large covered pickup. The body is a 2 door (possibility of seating 3) with the rear pickup. It has the capability to house a ping pong table in the rear pickup space if necessary. The specifications are standard with enough room for customization.

The Stock features

Ford Falcon XC Ute, Photo #2 The stock features are simple for domestic driving although bears the potential for interstate road trips. It houses a simple 4.1 L 6 cylinder petrol aspirated engine. The engine cavity has provisions for installing a supercharger and other modifications like custom ignition systems and clutch specifics. The custom models come with Raptor superchargers with intercoolers (for a more recent model like the 1986) and Pacemaker extractors. Some specific customization is possible like 4 piston calipers on front and heavy duty clutch. The transmission system is extremely standard and delivers a normal amount of torque as expected from any domestic class vehicle.

The Custom Features

The custom features available are countless considering the versatile body and engine cavity as well as the extremely manipulative suspension system and collapsible chassis undercarriage for modifying the framework. The pillars are held by lock joints so as not to dismantle the undercarriage during customization. The supercharger cavity can house a Raptor V intercooled supercharger and is compatible with its stock 4.1 L engine. The balance in suspension can be tweaked to custom levels which depend on the interlocking system on the undercarriage. The rear can house a tailshaft that’s a custom 2-piece 9-inch differential with a 3.7 ratio.

The Driving Experience

The Falcon comes with its own cruising experience. It has a fully customizable interior that can house a stereo with subwoofer systems. Bucket seats can be installed but is unnecessary. The shelf behind the seats can be removed for that extra space behind the seats. Interstate travel is made easy owing to the large boot space and the comfort and ease allowed by the drive. The customization and tweaking provisions turn the car into a personal machine that delivers comfort and performance to satisfaction. It is neither a sports model nor a heavy model like a truck.


Ford Falcon XC Ute, Photo #3 The car is designed after the fashion of 70’s muscle cars by Ford like the Mustang and the Fastback. The front headlights have the same twin lamp design with a custom inset grille. The front bumper is lower than the rear owing to the suspension level in the undercarriage. The car can be painted in any color and a wide range of vinyl can be added on, and the car would still look good. There are countless body kits available as per customization that involves everything from chrome lines to air intakes and dents. The ridiculous simplicity that delivers a satisfactory domestic performance makes this car the most versatile of its class.