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Lada Niva 2131


Lada Granta Manual 519HP (381 kW) @ 0 rpm
Lada Natacha Manual 519HP (381 kW) @ 0 rpm
Lada S Manual 95HP (70 kW) @ 6000 rpm

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Lada Niva 2131 the supreme of cars

Lada Niva 2131 is manufactured and supplied to the market by Russia, it was produced by Avto VAZ. It's an off road vehicle, the word Niva is from the Russian language which means the crop field. Lada Niva was distributed in the Iceland as the Lada Sport, and in Australia as Lada taiga. Since the year 2009 it has gotten offered the name Lada 4x4 in most of the automobile markets in Russia and in universally.

The new Lada Niva for passenger purpose

If anyone wants a 4wd not just for looking but even for work purposes than Lada is the best amongst the all automobiles. Lada Niva 2131 can be used for the passenger purpose and even for the work purpose. The most interesting news about the automobile industry in the year of 2011 was the one and only Lada Niva , It made a great news with its outstanding features.
Rich features of Lada Niva

Lada Niva has improved some of the features in it. It had extended the wheelbase, and had many changes in the inner dimensions. It makes feel convenient for the passengers for input and output as well, because the body is changed with the wide back doors. It also provides very spacious language carriers which allow for transportation.

Improvements made in Car

Lada Niva 2131 It offers many new advantages as compared to the older version, it has developed many characteristics in accord to satisfy the clients, in return to the request of the clients it had provided additional protection, safety overlays are on the front and back of the automobiles. This assures much safety or protection.
The outlook and speed

It had added more exterior changes to it , antifog headlights are provided in Lada which gives a better look to it, tinted glass gives a rich look to the car, and the external mirrors are being changed; now it has been provided by the mirror of increased area. An aerial is added along with it. You can ride Lada Niva in any climate or place without any problem; you can even overcome the marshy, soil, grime, and even flurry site. This makes Lada a unique car.

Lada Niva offers a great speed with its improved version of the engine used in it. It offers 37km per hour. Lada uses the powerful engine and a pre-starting heater and wheel disk of easy alloys. The weight of Lada Niva is 1850kg, 8 valves are being used in Lada Niva, and the wheelbase is of 2700mm

History of Lada Niva

The earlier versions of Lada Niva were used as an ambulance in Russia, various police forces were using the Lada Niva, and the military vehicle was also Lada Niva. Lada Niva has all these heritage with it, improving some of the old looks of it Lada Niva had made its place in the market. In earlier itself Lada Niva was known for its performance. Lada was even capable of running underwater too

Make your travel stress free
To make the travel smoother, convenient sleeping seats are also provided in the back row, Lada Niva adds some of the technologies such as conditioner, anti creeping system .Interior luxury will make the automobile more comfortable to use. ,