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Ford StreetKa manual 94HP (69 kW) @ 5500 rpm

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1932 Ford Hot Rod Deuces

1937 Ford Street Rod

32 Ford Street Rod

1932 Ford Phaeton Street Rod

Ford Streetrod the amazing car

Ford Streetrod During 1934 the great tour car which was available was Ford coupe, in the United States it was mostly collected car in those days. Between 1932 to 1934 the ford cars and light trucks Model B, Model 18, Model 40 were produced , as they were successful with model A, Model b cars of Ford continued to provide its newly established four cylinder and came to the market during the 1932 to 1934 and was available throughout the world. The Model 48 was the main cause of success for the Model V8 (Model 18 which came to market in the year 1932 and the Model 40 of the year 1933 and 1934). These models were built in Europe and it was longer to some extent. The bodies available on Model BS and V8 Model 18/40s were same to it. The flat V8 were featured with new style and reshaped thick surrounded grille, with a new emblem V8. The Ford street rod was the amazing car on those days and even now.

Ford made a new change

Ford Streetrod, Photo #2 Ford made a new change its own place place with their new and innovative ideas, the flathead shape of the old model ford of 1934 was the famous and trend setter in those days in the united states. Later it made much more changes in its specifications and features. Used advanced technologies too. It made few interior upgrades, change in steering system, new engines.

Impressive exterior

The new models of ford offer the LED headlamps , it has 17inch,18 inch, 19inch, 20inch standard wheel versions are available. The style of the car is new when compared to the old era, it has an improved version of the old.
Cool interior design

It has adapted the very new technologies in the interior of the car, 7 seated , for the passengers in the second it includes other features that is the fortress is removable and adjustable, in includes the mini fridge in the interior , it is mounted between the middle console of the second row seats. New communications and entertainment systems are provided which allows to access music and all entertainment applications. The function of cell phones is integrated by ford sync,. With the collaboration of Microsoft the navigation system and the dvd , Sirius satellite Radio had been developed. The 7 color programmable mood lightings are provided in the interior . For sky light multi panel Vista Roof is provided. It has a built in hardware I the navigation system to store music and pictures.

Make a drive safely with ford

Ford offers a backup camera , just above the bumper a camera is mounted , navigation screen displays the details or the obstructions behind the vehicle and the driver can see to it , the navigation display is about 8 inches. An advanced track control system is provided in the new version of ford cars.
High efficiency engine
The engine of ford produces 262hp , the new Eco boost version is provided, the newly designed engines last for 10years which offers 150,000 miles.

Make life happier with ford

Ford Streetrod, Photo #3 If you want to make your drive smother and secure you can choose the ford, it makes your drive a secure one.