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Suzuki Vitara 16


Suzuki Liana 1.6 manual 105HP (77 kW) @ 5500 rpm
Suzuki Covie n/a 111HP (82 kW) @ 6000 rpm
Suzuki Covie Automatic 43HP (32 kW) @ 5500 rpm
Suzuki Light SS manual 21HP (15 kW) @ 5500 rpm
Suzuki Light SS Sedan manual 21HP (15 kW) @ 5500 rpm

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Suzuki vitara 16- A great off road car

Suzuki Vitara 16 Suzuki Vitara 16 a 4WD compact SUV ever to be made that will take you any place in the world. Suzuki boasts over 40years of heritage and this display in their new and newest Vitara. The Vitara was designed to supply you with highest grade of solace in your day to day going by car even when there is no street.

Looks and Feel

Suzuki Vitara 16, Photo #2 Suzuki Vitara is a vehicle that is conceived with utmost perfection. Unlike other most 4WD that emerge not so refined Vitara exudes seem of utmost significance. This car is most sought after in the compact SUV class in the market. It has that hard-hitting yet sophisticated examines for built-up dwellers. Interior is well conceived with comfortable cowhide seats that can be heated to your preference even when itโ€™s very cold out-of-doors. Vitara was conceived to be your dwelling away from dwelling. The back seats can be bent to supply extra suit cases space not that you need it when there is sufficient room in the boot nearly 70 cubic feet which can fit two large suitcases.

Vitara was designed to work in the city as well as in environments where no other vehicle is adept to come to. Vitara features the newest in GPS navigation and other characteristics that make certain that you will be adept to find your main heading even when no civilization is to be found. To hold you entertained Vitara features a Mp3 stereo contestant which is connected to 6 surround speakers that delivers crystal value sound along with a distinct BASS for crunchy sound answer. You can even connect you IPOD or IPHONE to the stereo by the AUX-In connector when you uninterested of the localized wireless station. To hold you intensified on the road the audio controls are climbed on the guiding wheel which makes certain that the melodies is in your command without ever letting the guiding wheel proceed.

Engine and presentation

Suzuki Vitara 16, Photo #3 To get most out of Vitara Suzuki have outfitted it with 2.4L DOHC 4-cylinder gasoline engine that makes 166BHP. The power that is produced by the engine is sent to the back as the Vitara is a back wheel propel vehicle. To correctly get the most of the engine the vehicle can be discovered either in 5 pace manual or self-acting transmission. The power that is produced by the motor is properly utilized for offloading due to the following modes. 4H mode that actions like all wheels proper for better traction and grab on damp environment. 4H lock mode security devices the center differential allowing the power to be dispatched to both back and front wheel for better grab and control in wet or sandy environment. 4reduced secure mode enlists the reduced range gears for maximum traction in most challenging natural environment.

Security Features

Suzuki has made certain to outfit it with the latest security features therefore double-checking no matter the natural environment its inhabitants are always kept safe. The following safety characteristics are available such as 6-air bags, Electrical devices steadiness command, Anti-lock brake system, Tire pressure monitoring system. Suzuki Vitara 16 is a beast off-road but a attractiveness universal else and conceives the utmost solace for any and all adventurers.