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Travelling an extra mile with Ford F-250 camper special XLT

Ford F-250 Camper Special XLT The Ford F-250 camper special XLT has replaced several other work level vehicles. It is a super cool model which works with a standard four wheel antilock brake system, which ascertains a smooth drive even on busy, uneven roads. The XLT encompasses of a standard air conditioning system that devours car lovers with a memorable road experience. The super cab model has an extra fourth door and improved horsepower to support the engine on board. When the all new F-Series of the Ford family was released in 1996, it attracted several thousand car aficionados with its amazing specification. Read on to know more about the F-250 XLT’s one of a kind features.

A smooth driver’s experience

During its early years the Ford F-250 camper special XLT created an uproar amongst old school Blue Oval fans. The novel model eradicated the flawless Twin I Beam suspension, traditional styling and push rod engines. The new F-250 XLT comes with a long and short arm front suspension, with an overhead cam engine. It is this special cam engine that provides drivers with smooth experience. Furthermore, the special SLA suspension of the model has allowed it to perform amazingly on off-road and on-road articulation. This has delighted even the most demanding truck driver with the best possible ride a truck could deliver.

Rough and tough handling

The interior of Ford F-250 camper special XLT is regarded as a massive breakthrough in the field of trucks. Ford’s hard edges are smoothened and softened. The truck’s interior is something that no one would have ever dreamt of. When tested carefully, the truck’s interior managed to stand against the rough and tough handling of the world’s meanest worker! These foremen stated that the vehicle is easy to handle when compared against many midsized sedans. Another impressive facet of the truck would be its tall step-in height to gratify huge orneriest men.

Diverse choices

Furthermore, the truck delights buyers with several different color choices. Potential buyers can choose from ten different exterior colors and two different interior shades. All these models come with a myriad of basic features. This includes power brakes, cruise control, hinged fourth door, power and tilt steering, 16-inch chrome wheels, powerful air conditioning, intermittent windshield wipers, power windows, five speed manual transmission, powered door locks, power exterior mirrors, effective privacy glasses and a Tachometer. Few optional facets present in the F-250 XLT would be its manual sliding rear window, keyless light entry systems and powered drive seats with self leveling suspension.

Campers versus Towing engine

Ford F-250 Camper Special XLT, Photo #2 The camper’s model comes as a special package with remarkable features. The model is a lot different from what is present in Ford F-250’s towing edition. Anyone who drives the camper special series will definitely fall in love with the truck’s efficiency and performance. It has clean lines with a nominal clutter effect. “Style” is definitely not the right word to describe the sensational features of Ford F-250 camper special XLT. It is a certainly a vehicle that will take you through an extra mile!