Ford / Ford Econovan

Ford Econovan


  • Engine
  • Transmission
    6-spd aut w/OD
  • Seating
    5 passengers


Ford Econovan Manual 299HP (220 kW) @ 6200 rpm
Ford Econovan 2 Manual 299HP (220 kW) @ 6200 rpm
Ford Econovan 2.0 Automatic Automatic 299HP (220 kW) @ 6200 rpm
Ford Econovan 2 Manual 299HP (220 kW) @ 6200 rpm

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The Powerful Full Size Wagon- Ford Econovan
Space unlimited
With a capacity of accommodating a maximum of 15 passengers while providing sufficient space for the cargo, gear or luggage, the Ford Econovan is considered as one of the best full size wagons across the world. The seats are extremely flexible and can be configured as per the requirement. You can go for the 8-passenger, 12-passenger or 15-passenger regular length wagons. They are designed to provide an extremely comfortable experience, especially when you go for long journeys. The console on the cover of the Slimline engine comes with three cup holders, shelf capable of accommodating a clipboard and two stowage bins. The conventional power outlet with a capacity of 110 volts is useful in charging different kinds of devices.
Towing Capabilities
The E-series of vans come in two different trailer hauling packages along with other features in order to make drawing much easier. The Class I package has a capacity of towing a maximum of 5000 lbs due to the trailer wiring attachment. It is present only on wagons having a step bumper at the rear end. The other package has a capacity of towing a maximum of 10,000 lbs and is equipped with a relay system as running lights or backup or B+; trailer wiring strap having bumper racket; electric brake regulator with tap-in capability and hitch receiver mounted on the frame. The Anti lock brake system and the Integrated Trailer Brake Controller work together for providing smooth braking while hauling. Since they are installed in the factories, there is nothing like clumsy boxes near the knees, aftermarket issues or dash holes.
Travelling made safer than ever
You can travel peacefully due to the wide range of safety features included in the Ford Econovan. The rear vision camera present makes hooking the trailer simple and fast. The tow mirrors possess flat glass capable of adjusting power along with a convex spotter that is useful in identifying vehicles in the blind spot. The AdvanceTrac maintains the control over the vehicle by using a particular wheel braking and reducing engine power. The 4-wheel ABS is useful in maintaining steering control in case of sudden braking. The Tire Pressure Control System allows you to take care of the air pressure in the tires. By measuring the turning rates and vehicle roll with gyroscopic sensors, the RSC sends the appropriate response for keeping the van under control.
Engines supported
The Ford Econovan is available with different types of engines such as 4.6L, 5.4L or 5.8L EFI V8 engine and 6.8L EFI V10 engine. The 4.6L EFI V8 engine comes with a silent cam drive in order to facilitate a quiet and smooth operation. It produces a torque of 286 lb-ft and a power of 225HP. Being a versatile engine in terms of the fuel used, it can run on unleaded gasoline or E85. The same engine having a capacity of 5.4L delivers a torque of 350 lb-ft and a power of 255HP. The EFI Triton V10 engine with a capacity of 6.8L is equipped with TorqShift automatic transmission. This transmission is capable of handling the performance of various powerful engines.