Ford / Ford Ranchero

Ford Ranchero


  • Engine
  • Transmission
    6-spd aut w/OD
  • Seating
    5 passengers


Ford Ranchero 4000 Automatic Automatic 299HP (220 kW) @ 6200 rpm
Ford Ranchero Automatic 32HP (23 kW) @ 0 rpm

Videos / Ford Ranchero

1959 Ford Ranchero Old Cold Start.

Ford Ranchero 1968 in Germany

Ford Ranchero 6.6L/400CI V8

1963 Ford Ranchero

What makes the Honda Civic VTEC special amongst car aficionados?

The Honda Civic VTEC is a world famous unit that enlightened several car aficionados. The model has a high revving engine which allows budget conscious car lovers to taste a racecar frenzy. The car comes at a price that is less than $25000. The vehicle comes out with a wide range of features to stand against many compelling alternatives. For some, the car has impressed them with an undeniable appeal. This attributes to the Civic VTEC’s high strung four cylinder structure that has an 8000 rpm redline. Furthermore, it delights drivers with a stunning system that provides a balanced chassis and a responsive steering wheel.

A family sized car

Ford Ranchero The Honda Civic VTEC has a valve that allows variable timing. It’s 2.0 liter four cylinder releases a horsepower of 197, which is truly reasonable for the family sized car. The car reaches 60 mph in just 7 short seconds. The foremost numbers might seem deceptive, but it is approved and recognized by the car testers. Moreover, the car ordains drivers with a divine experience even when its engine produces a 139 pound-feet torque that is 68 lb-ft less than what is offered by many other vehicle models and brands. It is very easy to drive the Honda Civic, when compared against many other peaky Honda engines. When driven smoothly the engine is remarkably smooth. The vehicle ascertains drivers with steady acceleration.

Where speed plays a very big role!

The compact car drives at 21 mpg in busy cities and at 29 mpg in highways. This gives a combined speed of 24 mpg, which is a lot better and powerful than GLI models. Its steering wheel is remarkably responsive and consistently quick. The perfectly contoured wheel of Civic VTEC is dynamic and it responds to inputs in a better way than many other front driven cars. The car is well balanced with a blend of faux suede and a grip of soft tech fabric. The VTEC’s front seats are extremely comfortable for long drives and hasty rides.

Smooth drives on uneven roads!

People who wish to enjoy short trips through uneven back country roads must make use of the VTEC’s supportive interior features. The driver seat of Civic VTEC comes with only a single height adjustment. It supports more leg support and room for drivers. The far out telescoping steering wheel of the car comes with a well placed shifter to ascertain on proper driving positions. Nevertheless, tall drivers will find it difficult to press against funky parking brakes, while the rear seat offers plenty of leg-room and head space. This makes it apt for people who wish own a serene road cruiser.

A driver’s experience

Ford Ranchero, Photo #2 The developers of Honda Civic VTEC have combined sophistication with several other user friendly features. They have integrated complicated navigation systems with a myriad of stereo options. The classic vehicle offers startling audio options with improved sound quality, an unimaginable drive experience, a luxurious car setting and an economical exterior unit. Civic VTEC’s low torque nature and performance oriented features are apt for every other person. Conversely, the driving experience devoured by the startling Honda Civic VTEC will definitely thrill the needs of you and your family!