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Honda Accord 2.2i-CTDi Sport 2005—2008 5 s., manual 140 Hp, diesel
Honda Accord 2.2i-CTDi Sport 2003—2005 5 s., manual 140 Hp, diesel
Honda Accord 2.0i TD 1996—1998 5 s., manual 105 Hp, diesel
Honda Accord SiR-T manual 202HP (149 kW) @ 7200 rpm
Honda Accord 2.2i-CTDi Exec Manual 299HP (220 kW) @ 6200 rpm
Honda Accord 2.2i-CTDi Sport Manual 299HP (220 kW) @ 6200 rpm

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Honda Accord i-CTDi Diesel

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Honda Accord i-CTDi Diesel- The Best Car for Your Family
Before purchasing a car, you have to think of lots of matters that can meet all the demands of your family and personal comfort. This is also not all. When you have to purchase a car, you have to think various kinds of matters like the fuel cost of the car, it is run by diesel or petrol or both, the mileage of the car etc. On the other hand, reputation and style of the car which should be the best stylish car of the time. So, if you think all the matters of a car, it is better to choose a Honda Accord i-CTDi. This is a five seated car where a small family can make a well trip to any joyous place. So, in time of selection of a stylish car, you have to concentrate on the said car. This is also a beneficial car which is operated by 2.01 and 2.41 VTEC petrol. You can operate the car by 2.2l CTDi Turbo diesel. The car is really a good one which has fuel efficiency gear of your choice.
The Engine Facility
The car is made by Honda Accord Tourer using Japanese automobile manufacturing company. The car when it is run by a moderate speed, you will get 380-hp diesel will run you smooth and quiet mode. When the car is in a moderate speed or in a high cruising speed, the noise made by it is really lower. The car produces a lower noise of 73 if it is run by 70 kmph. The car is always safe, noiseless and quiet in time of running.
Safety and Security
The Honda Accord i-CTDi is a finest car with a driver’s sit and more four sits for the others. All the seats are really comfortable with standard decoration. You have air bags, AC and all modern facility of a standard car. The car also has lots of moderate temperature sensor which will make you feel comfort even when there is a biting cold outside. You will feel an extreme fine temperature in the car while the unbearable heat of the summer outside. The car has the remote locking control, airbags,ABS standard across the range, brake force distribution etc.
Love for the Car
The feature and comfort of the car makes it loveable to all. When you will get all kinds of demanded features even some advanced added feature in the car, you will buy it without any confusion. The style of the car, inner space and the gorgeous features attracts all car lovers of the time. The Honda Accord i-CTDi is really a good car which you can purchase. When your car will run with the 2000 rpm with the torque of 340NM, the heart of the all will won by the car. The car lovers of almost all the country of the world can get the car in their country. The cost of the car is in the purchasing capacity of kinds of people of the world. Buy a great car, be a stylish with Honda Accord.

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