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F1 - Ligier Matra - Monza 1978

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Get a flawless racing experience with ligier js5

Ligier js5 The ligier js5 was the first formula one racing vehicle made by Ligier. The car was conceived by Gerard Ducarouge. It strove against in the 1976 formula one, benefiting 20 points and getting 5th location general in the Constructor's Championship. The vehicle furthermore provided its individual driving Jacques Laffite and Ligier their first ever beam location at the 1976 Italian impressive Prix at Monza.

A few facts about the company

Ligier js5, Photo #2 Ligier is a French automobile manufacturer created by preceding rushing person driving and rugby contestant friend Ligier. The Ligier pattern line actually comprises of the Ixo line of mini vehicles, the X-Pro line of little financial vehicles, and the Be Up/Be Two line of open air, roadster-type vehicles. The company furthermore makes a line of quad two wheelers and off-road utility vehicles swapped as the Be Pro, Be Four, and are engine motor truck. Ixo or Ambra is about two and a half meters long and has two chairs. It is front engine. Power flats encompass two 2 cylinder four stroke diesels of about half a liter displacement and an all electric propel. Ligier is best renowned for its Formula One team that functioned from 1976 to 1996. Ligier went into formula One in 1976 with a Matra V12-powered vehicle, and won a impressive Prix with Jacques Laffite in 1977.

History of the company

Ligier js5, Photo #3 First, Ligier made some of the finest formula One rushing vehicles ever to argue on the circuit. Founded by Guy Ligier, a conveyed out formula one individual going by car and celebrated rugby player, Ligier vehicles consistently argued for the championships from 1976 to 1996. In 1977, a Ligier competitor won the outstanding Prix-still one of the utmost French triumphs in Formula One annals.

While construction the emblem on the hurrying circuit, Ligier cars went into the European purchaser market with the JS2, an outstanding mid-engine sports car powered by a blow-you-back-in-the-seat Maserati motor. One of the couple of mid-engine sports vehicles outfitted with V6 motor, auto enthusiasts advised the Ligier JS2 a technological masterpiece. Constructed for presentation rather than economy, the Ligier JS2 became the casualty to the critical power pressing situation of the early 1970's. One subsequent form, the JS11, surpassed the JS2's technological wizardry but could not argue against Ferrari-neither on the pathway neither on the market. In 2008, assessing a basic exodus from its annals and legend, Ligier introduced by Micro vehicle, a pocket-sized Euro-friendly family of minute vehicles and motor trucks.

Specifications of the vehicle

The specifications of the ligier js5 encompass an atmospherically aspirated Matra MS73 V12, 3000cc motor, around 500 brake equine power at the rate of 11600 power, Goodyear car tyres, Aluminum coque chassis, weighing 605 kilograms, a Hewland TL 2-200 gearbox with 5 gears, case lubricant, iron alloy computer disk brakes, 1536 mm gist front, 1600 mm gist back, 2608 mm wheelbase. With its mind-blowing presentation and power this vehicle could give a strong affray to other rushing vehicles throughout its time.