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Mercury Montclair Sun Valley


Mercury El Gato Automatic 182HP (134 kW) @ 3000 rpm
Mercury MC4 Concept Automatic 182HP (134 kW) @ 3000 rpm
Mercury Messenger automatic n/a
Mercury MKS V6 EcoBoost 6 speed automatic 360HP (265 kW) @ 5700 rpm
Mercury Roadster Automatic 182HP (134 kW) @ 3000 rpm

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1966 Mercury Montclair SOLD Sun Valley Auto Club!!

1966 Mercury Montclair under body shots SOLD Sun Valley Auto Club!!

Restored 1955 Mercury Sun Valley

1956 Mercury Montclair Beverly Corners Show Shine Duncan BC

Mercury Montclair Sun Valley- a class apart

Mercury Montclair Sun Valley The mercury montclair sun valley, a full dimensions automobile, was available as a two doorway hardtop, convertible and phaeton four doorway hardtop sedans. It had an extent of 206.3 inches, and a wheelbase of 119 inches and it weighed between 3,490 pounds to 3,725 pounds. It could be bought emblem new for between $2,600 and $2,900 depending on what choices the buyer was interested in. Many address the two-door hardtop the most appealing design of all the Mercury Montclair. With a back overhang, the trunk space is unmatched. And the back tailfins, three taillights and a streamlined bumper made for a large presentation.

A Premium Automobile

Mercury Montclair Sun Valley, Photo #2 Presented by the mercury partition of the Ford engine business, the mercury montclair was advertised as part of mercury's premium automobile line. The Montclair was constructed with some of mercury's best features which encompassed dual chrome out-of-doors rear outlook mirrors, a dual exhaust, fender skirts and extra chrome trim. It furthermore had various two tone decorate combinations. This was likely the best documented feature of the Montclair because the use of diverging color panels, which ran under the edge windows, set the mercury montclair apart from the other vehicle lines.

Sleek and mighty

Mercury Montclair Sun Valley, Photo #3 The mercury montclair encompassed all of Mercury's evolutionary engineering. The mercury montclair encompassed factory air, which was a new choice in these vehicles. The montclair furthermore suggested an "on-demand" low-gear kick down for an additional cost with mercury's three speed "Merc-O-Matic" self-acting transmission. The "Merc-O-Matic" was really Ford's first self-acting transmission. In general the transmissions were granted the title Ford-O-Matic but when a Mercury vehicle was marketed, it was granted the moniker Merc-O-Matic. The central was built for solace and accessibility. The front section was easy with reside measures. Chairs were accessible in either bucket or bench style. The doorways on the two-door type were equipped with vents, strong manages and spacious armrests.

Engine specifications

Mercury Montclair Sun Valley, Photo #4 The mercury montclair was no slump when it came to power. It had a large V-8 engine with abounding of horsepower: There were two options available for the mercury montclair like 225 hp 312 c.i. V-8
335, p 312 c.i. V-8 with a 4 barrel carburetor.Since the mercury montclair was a premium mercury vehicle, the interior would have sported upholstery that was comprised of leather and vinyl.

A genuine Collector Car

Mercury Montclair Sun Valley, Photo #5 In general, the mercury montclair sun valley was a vehicle with burly good examines with a bit of blink. It had a V-8 motor that was modern for the time and mighty. It has been a somewhat under treasured form, so it can be hard to find the mercury montclair as they are fairly scarce. This has made it a genuine collector vehicle with a quickly rising collector value.
One has to be very cautious though, if he is looking to find one of these and refurbish it, as the parts can be as tough to find as the cars themselves.

The achievement of the mercury montclair was meteoric. Some added alterations were made to the series and a series of choices were offered. For demonstration, each of the mercury forms, including the mercury montclair, came with an alternative of motors up to 390 horsepower.