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Chevelle SS454 created for high standards
Chevelle SS454 is a big block model that changed the perception of muscle cars in 1970s. It was the first car included with mid size 400 cubes engine. The launch of the model was the biggest news for the GM franchises. It was a hood snapper that would stand still in battle position when parked in the open space. Some changes were carried out to reduce the noise according to the California compliance. The benevolent rumble was changed to reduce the exhaust noise.
It is huge with awesome cornering capability
The car was enormous in size like a lime rock. It took the course of formula vees and fruit cup races. This was an extreme vehicle during those times. The speed of the car while cornering was really good with 66mph and 61.4mph at the Esses. The transition of the car while left and right turnings was superior than the other passenger cars.
Monster in drifting
The steering in Chevelle SS454 is very light weighted and supported a large variety of drift angles. While riding the car the body moved back and forth in a splendid way that made it an ear catcher. The wide tires had spectacular go on the road. The controls of the car were obvious, not confusing as that of the other cars. The driveability of the car was superb. The seats provided an excellent comfort when on the road.
With powerful engine LSP engine
The core of the Chevelle was included with V8 engine that was redesigned as LSP engine. V8s are still extensively used in most of the modern race cars today. The displacement offered was based on the cid standards of 454. The engine produced an enormous horsepower of 450bhp at the rate of 5600rpm and a maximum torque of 500Nm at the rate of 3600rpm. The torque produced was more than enough to propel the car at a high rate. The car moved at the rate of 0-60mph within 6.1 Secs from standstill. The transmission system used was a M22 manual 4 speed transmission or automatic M40 Turbo Hydra Matic transmission.
Horse shaped outlook with aesthetic interiors
The exterior of the car has a horse faced design with four circular headlights two on each side. The length of the car is more than the modern cars. The wheels are made of 5 spokes and mesh grille carries the logo of the model. The interiors consist of leather seats with aesthetic appeal. The car with ovulated appeal hums when it travels on the road. The tires are rigid and the wheel base Is kept optimum for springy go.
Undefeated in NHRA championship 1970
The cost of this amazing car was $3,800 and 8773 of them were built. This car a super sport car at that time. The whole package was designed for convertibles and hardtops. The dorsal stripes were optional. The chevelle was an NHRA championship winner in 1970 . It remained undefeated in the supernationals and world finals . This car is a killer car in the muscle Era . It formed the most significant cars in the American sports industry.