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Lada Granta Manual 519HP (381 kW) @ 0 rpm
Lada Natacha Manual 519HP (381 kW) @ 0 rpm
Lada S Manual 95HP (70 kW) @ 6000 rpm

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Lada (VAZ) 2101- A classy Sedan

Lada (vaz) 2101 History associated with the VAZ-2101

The Lada (VAZ) 2101 can be termed as a condensed sedan car launched in the year 1970 and manufactured by AutoVZ. According to the Soviet classification, it is a model 1 small class passenger car. VAZ-2102 was the name given to the estate model of the car. These versions of the cars were established as a deal between the Soviet government and Fiat in the middle of the 1960s, with the first product being the 2101 model. Outside the Soviet Union, the 2101 was known by the name Lada and can be termed as a re-engineered model of the car Fiat 124 which was specifically made for meeting the requirements of the countries belonging to the Eastern Bloc. Though the upgraded VAZ-2107, 2105 and 2104 models grabbed a major role in the market during the first portion of the 1980s, the VAZ-2101 was manufactured for the local market till the year 1988.

Difference with the original model

Lada (vaz) 2101, Photo #2 The Lada (VAZ) 2101 was known by the name Zhiguli in the Soviet Union. Some of the major characteristics which differentiated the VAZ-2101 from the Fiat 124 include the camshaft unit replacing the Fiat OHV engine and the utilization of drum brakes made of aluminium instead of the disc brakes. The shell of the body was made of broader gauge steel as well. The cars that were manufactured in the first place consisted of a supplementary fuel pump and an initiating handle so that you can manually trigger the crank of the engine in case the battery goes numb in cold condition such as Siberian winter season. Initially, AutoVAZ could not sell the VAZ 2101 in good markets along with the Fiat 124. However, it was sold overseas, especially to the countries belonging to Western Europe when the Fiat 124 was stopped due to the introduction of the new Fiat 131 Mirafori version in 1974.

The first model

Lada (vaz) 2101, Photo #3 The VAZ 2101 that existed between 1970 and 1982 was the first variant and engineered with an engine that had a capacity of 1.2 liters, delivered 58HP and offered a top speed of 132 km/h enabling the car to be accelerated from 0-100 km/h in around 23 seconds. Changes were incorporated to the carburetor, suspension and other parts for satisfying the different kinds of climatic conditions in Russia. There were useful for the local roads but had a soft suspension that was useful in enjoying a comfortable ride on tough and uneven gravel roads. The VAZ 2101, with the few modifications, was considered to be a revolution in the field of motorization in Russia.

Some other versions

The modified VZ 2101 that was produced during 1974-81 had an engine with a capacity of 1.3 liters and 63HP. The rear axle was equipped with the drum brakes which could be self-adjusted. The roof shaped glasses were replaced with the forward flat turn light ones. The rubber strip which covered the bumper’s entire length replaced the horns that were previously loaded over the bumpers. You could operate the windshield siphon with the leg and it was pushed down as well. While the cover of the steering wheel had the horn, a wooden plastic trim was placed on the dashboard.