Lincoln / Lincoln Continental mk III

Lincoln Continental mk III


  • Engine
  • Transmission
    3-spd aut w/OD
  • Seating
    5 passengers


Lincoln Continental Mk III Automatic 222HP (163 kW) @ 4400 rpm
Lincoln Sentinel Automatic 223HP (164 kW) @ 4750 rpm

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Lincoln Continental mk iii coupe luxury modeled Ford car

Lincoln Continental mk III The Lincoln Continental mk iii coupe is the automobile is mainly produced by the Lincoln division owned by Ford Motor company. The car was produced during the years between 1939 to 1948. The styling of the car was distinctive and was equipped with luxury components. The continental was converted to mid size from full size, to market the car in Japan and Europe. The car was stopped from manufacturing in the year 2002 and it was replaced by Lincoln MS and Lincoln MKS models.

Based on a uniform platform with sleek design
The car made its start in 1958 after Continental Mark 2 was discontinued. It was designed in a uniform platform in the Wixom plant. The name plate included the Continental 3 logo over it. Continental mark 3 has an extremely sleek design. The car differed by with the previous models by including the breezeway window included behind the back seat of the car. The sales of the continental 3 was better than the continental 2. During the times the FM radio option included in the car which was remarkable.
MEL V8 engine with automatic transmission
The Lincoln Continental mk iii coupe was an ultimate driving machine in 1980s.The third generation Continental had 7 liter MEL V8 engine that used a 3 speed automatic turbo drive transmission. The size of the engine was 460 CID larger relative to the size of the car. The engine produced a maximum power of 365hp. The V8 performance was an exciting thing to note about the car.

Crisp interiors
Ford wanted to upstage the Cadillac as a result Mark 3 was produced aimed at luxury cars and Eldorado. The car found an astounding success as it had a handsome appearance. The traditional styling of the car kept its heights long. The elegant crisp interiors gave a dwelling presence . The smooth haul of the car keeps the driver in pleasure all the time while driving. It had a great value during 1980s.

Engineered to last with aluminium exteriors
Continental was definitely a beast and had beautiful exteriors. The car was engineered to last and driving which was the smartest way to get on the road. Altogether it was great in pace and space. It was four seated cars , that had large plushy seats. Continental was a legend on the roads and made every mile count. The exterior of the car was crafted with lightweight aluminium which gave it a rigid exterior.

Quality vehicle but bit expensive
The price of the car ranged in between $6,585 to $7,281. The was a bit expensive compared to other similar cars from different manufacturers. But it was successful in the market because of the quality and new technologies included by the company. More than 2000 units of this model were sold. It had a weight of 4739 to 4762 pounds. The car ran stable on the ground with its larger weight. The car rested 117.2 inches above the ground similar to the 1980 models. The car was updated till nine generations and was discontinued in 2012.