Mercedes-Benz / Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG

Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG


  • Engine
  • Power
    475 @ 6100 rpm
  • Transmission
    5-spd aut w/OD
  • 0-60
    4.7 seconds
  • Drivetrain
  • Seating
    4 passengers
  • Fuel Capacity
    80 liters
  • MPG
    20.1 City / 9.8 HWY


Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG C 219 automatic 475HP (349 kW) @ 6100 rpm
Mercedes Benz CLS 550 7-speed shiftable automatic 35HP (26 kW) @ 950 rpm
Mercedes Benz CLS 550 4MATIC 7-speed shiftable automatic 35HP (26 kW) @ 950 rpm
Mercedes Benz CLS S550 Automatic 545HP (400 kW) @ 5500 rpm

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Mercedes CLS 55 AMG Performance

Mercedes-Benz cls 55 amg

Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG Overview

The Mercedes-Benz cls 55 amg has been the target for many coupe fanatics who were looking for four door coupes with a decent disposition for speed. The CLS series had always been a trademark for visuals and speed was never a part of its primary characterestics. However, the AMG sub series gives it an amusing turnaround with a hot rod system and a powerful 5.4 L engine that maxes out at 469 horsepowers. The model was a grade two one with not much expectation or publicity for the fact that it was a test run for a four door coupe styles matching with performance. However, for those fanatics clamouring for a four seater coupe, the 55 AMG gave quite a performance on the market.


Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG, Photo #2 The greatest strength of a car lies in the way the engine is coupled with the drive train and the relative ability of the suspension to the body style. The car has 5.4 L V8 compressor engine that delivers a maximum output of 469 Horsepowers and a 516 pound-feet torque red lining at 6000 RPM. The camshaft is a hot rod with direct connection to the drivetrain which is a typical roadster system but delivers a better performance in contrast to the inter-locking suspension system and the shooting brakes that are a unique style of the CLS class. The transmission is a 7-speed automatic with an AMG speed shift to gain a better acceleration with a low gear ratio that provides more acceleration.


Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG, Photo #3 The Mercedes-Benz cls 55 amg is a fast car with hardly any doubt about it. Although the speed is limited electronically for domestic purposes to 155 miles an hour, the car does accelerate from standstill to 62 in just 4.7 seconds under stock conditions. With a customized engine specs and fine tuning the suspension, the car has the potential to compete in world level rallies, but being one of the runts in the family, better models built exclusively for racing purposes, not unlike the CLK 500 AMG and the SLR McLaren 2000, are used instead. The 55 AMG is often classified as a roadster owing to its hot rod system and some custom models are avbailable in hatchbacks than a coupe and sedans are not in this series. The body is extremely light and compact compared to its AMG predecessors.

The bottom line

A car is at its best when it meets all the required features and an ideal car, just like everything else, is not physically possible for existence. A roadster usually meets the basic requirements of compact and speed but loses out on agility and customization. Comfort is also compromised in case of two door coupes, but the Mercedes-Benz cls 55 amg takes the cake with a four door. This was one of the better modifications apart from the hot rod. The car was a good one in its class and although it was more of a test model, it was comparatively more efficient than the rest of the cars in its class owing to its adaptability to meet requirements.