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Lincoln Sentinel Automatic 223HP (164 kW) @ 4750 rpm

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Lincoln Continental X100

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The Lincoln Continental X100 is acknowledged as a complete classic in regard with the classic cars of American history. It was based on a Ford Taurus chassis and was one of the largest cars in its class. There have been several issues that were fixed in the X100 model which came out in the early 60s that were there in the previous models. The X100 had a custom grille and an exberantly large hood space and was popular for its roomy leg space. The continental had become a symbol for a royalty class and for the people in a riduculously high pay grade. It was accepted by the White House to be the official transport vehicle used by the secret service. The car was painted navy blue for that purpose.


Lincoln Continental X-100, Photo #2 The Lincoln Continental X100 was a convertible continental and the largest in its class. It sported the then most powerful V12 engine with a locking suspension that enhanced performance. The car was famous for its exceptionally large leg space that was a whopping 44 inches as well as an enormous engine cavity so that it could house the powerful V12 engine. The Ford chassis was housed with a locking suspension that stopped the undercarriage from dismantling in case of powerful torque strains. Although it prevented the car from having the agility of a car made for the racetrack, it was a balanced machine regarding its large size, heavy engine and the stiff locking suspension. The car was of the convertible class with its logo proudly displayed on the hood. Hardtops were rare as the best experience with the car was the convertible feature.


The First Generation Lincoln continentals used the exact Ford Taurus chassis with an extended hood and a heavy front and rear bumper. It was one of the full sized models that out sized every other car in its class. There were several styles available like a 2 door, 4 door coupes and sedans as well as convertibles. The continental was discontinued temporarily owing to the Pearl Harbor incident and was restarted in 1945. The second generation came in the mid fifties and were more compact in size, although still impressively large. This generation was modified with a better performance engine and the unique suicide doors that added to its charm. A navy blue convertible model was used by the White House for all presidential needs till the late seventies. The continental models continued to be manufactured until 2002 when it was permanently discontinued.


Lincoln Continental X-100, Photo #3 The most intriguing incident linking the car to its fame would be the assassination of John F. Kennedy that took place during a parade when Kennedy was in that car. Despite the many controversies, the car continued to be of service running over 50,000 miles on the ground and aobut a million in air where it was flown for ground transport at destination. The Lincoln Continental X100 was used in several motion pictures and on television soap operas owing to its ridiculous popularity. The X100 retired from presidential service in 1978 and the car was left to be on display at the Henry Ford Museum as an important piece of car history.