Mercedes-Benz / Mercedes-Benz SL

Mercedes-Benz SL


  • Engine
    4.6L V-8
  • Power
    429 @ 5,250 rpm
  • Transmission
    7-spd auto w/OD
  • 0-60
    4.6 seconds
  • Drivetrain
  • Monthly Payment 
    $1,991 - $2,751
  • Seating
    2 passengers
  • Cargo
    13.5 cu.ft.
  • MPG 
    17 City / 25 HWY
  • Blue Book® Fair Purchase Price
  • Invoice Price 
    $98,115 - $135,594
  • Warranty
    48 months/50,000 miles


Mercedes-Benz SL 280 automatic 231HP (170 kW) @ 6000 rpm
Mercedes-Benz SL 73 AMG R 129 automatic 524HP (385 kW) @ 5500 rpm
Mercedes-Benz SL 280 R 129 manual 206HP (152 kW) @ 5700 rpm
Mercedes-Benz SL 280 Automatic R 129 automatic 206HP (152 kW) @ 5700 rpm
Mercedes-Benz SL 280 R 129 manual 192HP (141 kW) @ 5500 rpm
Mercedes-Benz SL 60 AMG R 129 automatic 380HP (279 kW) @ 5500 rpm
Mercedes-Benz SL 280 R 129 manual 192HP (141 kW) @ 5500 rpm
Mercedes-Benz SL 280 Automatic R 129 automatic 192HP (141 kW) @ 5500 rpm
Mercedes-Benz SL 60 AMG R 129 automatic 380HP (279 kW) @ 5500 rpm

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The Mercedes Benz SL with innovative technologies

Mercedes-Benz SL The state-of-the-art superstructure comprises chill-cast, die-cast, marked and extruded aluminum components, as well as some magnesium and hot-formed galvanized iron alloy. The constituents of Mercedes Benz SL, connected utilizing six different procedures assist to a body-in-white weight 25 per cent less than it would be in steel, along with a 20 per cent increase in static tensional stiffness.
Mercedes’ Active Body command suspension is furthermore a choice. It’s a self-leveling set-up that restores the accepted jump struts and stabilizers with active hydraulic struts that relentlessly adapt in periods of spring length and roll stiffness.
Even after all that, the SL500’s new aluminum V8 is far from overshadowed. At once 22 % more fuel-efficient, 12 per cent more mighty and with 32 per cent more torque than the vintage SL’s normally aspirated 5.5, the new car’s 4.7-litre motor utilizes twin aligned turbochargers to make 429bhp and a formidable 516lb ft.


Mercedes-Benz SL, Photo #2 Nestled in the new Mercedes Benz SL, you’re seated so far from your traveler that it’s hard to believe this is a two-seat roadster at all. It’s even wider this time around, having developed by near about 57mm in girth and it also provides acres of elbow.
Regardless, a two of chairs is all you get. The cabin supplies lots of room for two inhabitants, and not just in periods of occupant space. There’s a large storage cubby at the groundwork of the centre stack, a roomy armrest cubby, a third enclosed cubby behind that and a lockable carton directly behind the passenger chair that is large enough to hold your valuables secure with the top covering down.


Mercedes-Benz SL, Photo #3 SL traditionalists need not fret, either. You only discover the 500’s motor should you want to and you need only seem the bounds of its presentation if you inquire for them. The rest of the time the SL is joyous to sit back and do the cruising that you’d expect of it. Locked into peak equipment, it’ll still drag from 50 to 70mph in 6.5sec. That’s a bit of a distinction from the 2.1sec it likes in third gear, but amply outstanding granted that acceleration from 50mph in peak starts from round 1250rpm.

Ride and handling

Mercedes-Benz SL, Photo #4 Mercedes SLs we have propelled (although admittedly abroad), there is a cause for them. The optional AMG suspension as fitted to our check vehicle as part of the Sports Package drops the regular SL’s travel size by 10mm. This, coupled with 19-inch alloys wearing 30-profile car tires at the back, brings a rather firmer set-up to the SL than we (and we imagine most customers) were solely expecting.
Most of the time, things are fine. The SL agreements with little exterior imperfections and bigger crests and drops well, whereas it’s better across the previous in its suppler damper setting while having tighter general body command in the firmer set-up. But it doesn’t issue whether you burst the dampers into their solace or games modes across the more sudden bumps and potholes that actually jar the SL’s body. It is one of the couple of events during which you will see any lack of body stiffness.