• Engine
  • Power
    219 @ 5700 rpm
  • Transmission
    5-spd man w/OD
  • 0-60
    7.4 seconds
  • Drivetrain
  • Seating
    2 passengers
  • Fuel Capacity
    70 liters
  • MPG
    16.9 City / 7.5 HWY


BMW 635 CSi E24 manual 219HP (161 kW) @ 5700 rpm
BMW 635 CSi E24 manual 218HP (160 kW) @ 5200 rpm

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Historischer Werbefilm BMW 635 csi

Great BMW 635 CSI GR. 2 at Hillclimb! Pure Sounds! Jürg Dürig Gurnigel 2011 FV.4

Eggenberger-BMW 635 CSi Gruppe 2, erster Funktionstest.

BMW 635 CSi Coupe

With the arrival of the BMW 635 CSI coupe cars got rebirth:

BMW 635 CSI The BMW 635 CSI comes under 6 series cars. It was inaugurated in the year 1977 by the USA. It was preceded by the 630 CSI in the year 1976, which substance produced less power of just 176 BHP though it bore a beautiful body. Then it was 633 CSI which showed some improvisation in the output power of 218 BHP by a 224 CC engine. The medium engine BMW 635 CSI is popularly known as the 24 valve Coupe. It had the cool sporty look which attracted many car lovers. It has won formula 2 and formula 1 car race. In the number 635, 6 stands for BMW series 6 and 35 stands for 3.5L capacity engine. The engine of the coupe sport car is harder than the previous version models.

The supermodel walk:

BMW 635 CSI, Photo #2 The BMW 635 CSI was the world’s fastest car with the top speed of 154.6 MPH in the year 1984. With the new configuration of wheel base, body shell and transmission system, the car was simply enhanced to exhibit an exhilarating performance. It became explosive when the RPM reached 3000. It is somewhat bulky and stiff coupe. The 5 speed transmission manual and 4 speed transmission automatically gave the strength to the gearbox. Upon full throttle car reached 6000 RPM. The racks are made up of 3 piece H&B of 8 * 16 alloys. It is mounted on the 225/50 OVR Yokohoma A- 008 tires. The body shell is completely appearance oriented. The car possesses 3 types of extra gauges i.e. Oil pressure, voltmeter and oil temperature.

Headlights are made up of halogen based 4 Hella quartz and side skirts are made functional with aerodynamics mechanism. The car had excellent ABS control. The brakes were absolutely splendid which would force the car down to 3485 LB from 60 MPH and too quick rest. The wheel base of the car is 2586 mm, length is 4130 mm, width and height of 1765 mm and 1321 mm respectively. The curb weight of the car is 1850 kg which is approximately 3800lb. This car I related to McLaren. Paul Bracq designed this super machine.

Here is the business class interior:

The machine had fairly stiff seats with a little design on it. The steering wheel came with leather and wood and the column was adjustable. For the classy car wood finishing looked marvelous. The shift lever of the gearbox is located very close to the driver seat. The body style of the Coupe gives room for ventilation and additional space to stretch out your legs. The outward vision of the machine lifts the performance of the car to a different level. The air conditioner is manual and comes with standard defroster and heater. Rear seat headrests add on two more colors for the insides of the car. Cup holder and ash tray are also provided.

Ultimately this car is an enthusiastic BMW Coupe. Though somewhere it missed the lightness of its preceding, the car looked very promising in the securities industry. The car has impressed the maker by giving some great performance on the road.

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