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Burying a cow with a Ford 550 Backhoe

The powerful Ford F550

The Ford F550 4X4 Hauler is a good choice for conveying a plaything hauler over long distances. The F550 has been in a class of pickup motor trucks that have been the best in America for 24 years and running. Some characteristics of this mighty and durable truck are the fact that it is not only tough, but has an attractive body frame. The motor truck has a 6.4 liter Power stroke Turbo diesel motor. The GVWR is 17,950. It includes dual fuel containers, so you can journey long distances without having to halt for a fill-up. It furthermore features a Tow Command scheme with a high capability trailer tow bundle. Other interesting characteristics about this motor truck encompass warmed captain chairs, all weather floor mats, in addition to numerous other appealing features.
Motor - 6.7L Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel motor
The F_550 has an awesome 660 lb.-ft. of torque and 300 horsepower. It has a very good fuel efficiency to proceed with all that power. Moreover, it possesses B20-capability. The operation is clean and clear. The vehicle has Ford-built 6.7L Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel engine. The graphite metal engine impede is more powerful yet lighter than cast metal. Aluminum cylinder heads with precision dual water jackets decrease heaviness and advance chilling. Inboard consume and outboard air-induction architecture helps the compact, effective turbocharger conceive consign power rapidly on demand. Another characteristic is the high-pressure common-rail induction scheme which, functioning at almost 30,000 psi consigns up to five injections per combustion cycle for optimum throttle response and fuel effectiveness, as well as decreased disturbance, vibration and harshness (NVH). What’s more, the Power Stroke is equipped with instant-start reduced closes for fast start-ups, even at exceedingly reduced temperatures.
SYNC® Communications and amusement scheme
Super obligation® offers today's easy-to-use voice-controlled technologies. Ford SYNC® permits you control your Bluetooth®-enabled cell phone and your MP3 player.27,128 With the SYNC App Link™ (optional with SYNC) characteristic you can access wireless apps on select Smartphone brands by voice control.144 And in the LARIAT form, you can also control the broad array of characteristics for journey, directions and data accessible with SYNC Services.129
Equipment Cluster - 4.2-inch LCD Productivity computer display
The equipment cluster in the high-end LARIAT model features a driver-configurable LCD productivity computer display where you'll glimpse more than you might have anticipated. And it's all easy to navigate on the computer display or with guiding wheel switches that help you hold your eyes on the street while toggling through the content on the screen.

Air Conditioning

Dual-zone electronic self-acting temperature command (DEATC) permits the driver and front passenger to set the warmth to match their one-by-one preferences.

Breaking system of the truck

Ford's braking system encompasses the Ford F550 brake expert cylinder. This component's function is to hold the fluid that starts the procedure of the whole braking scheme. The highly-pressurized hydraulic brake fluid triggers the pistons and brake calipers to action once the driver presses on the brake pedal. To prevent the insufficient provider of brake fluid due to leaking, the brake expert cylinder secures the fluid tightly in place.