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Volkswagen GTD 3 Door 6-speed manual 81HP (59 kW) @ 2600 rpm
Volkswagen GTD 5 Door 6-speed manual 81HP (59 kW) @ 2600 rpm
Volkswagen Magotan 1.8 TSI 6 speed manual 160HP (118 kW) @ 5000 rpm
Volkswagen Magotan 1.8 TSI Tiptronic 6 speed automatic 160HP (118 kW) @ 5000 rpm
Volkswagen Magotan 2.0 TSI 6 speed automatic 200HP (147 kW) @ 5000 rpm

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Volkswagen t3 multivan, your trustworthy car

Volkswagen T3 Multivan The car to build your trust on

The name Volkswagen has a long term involvement with the car manufacturing industry. The brand has collected good reputation and fame for itself by offering people with their reliable services. The cars they have produced so far are known for their solidity and high performance. With their innovative usage of technology and modern electrical equipment, Volkswagen has always come up with something new for its customers, something more than the other brand could offer them. Volkswagen T3 Multivan is not just a three door van; it belongs to the youngest generation of Volkswagen group in the rear engine field. It is heavier and larger compared to its predecessor, the Volkswagen T2 Multivan. The T3 van started with the manufacturing process in Germany 1979 and was continued till 1992. However in South Africa the production of the car continued till 2002

The structure and the engine

Volkswagen T3 Multivan, Photo #2 The Volkswagen went through many modulations and alterations throughout its journey. The years in between 1979 and 1991 saw as many as four variants of the petrol engines, along with many sub models. The years 79 to 82 saw the air cooled versions and from 83 onwards, came the water cooled versions. The air cooled versions offer a 1.9 l engine and a 2.1 l engine respectively. The T3 model with 5 cylinders initially came out with a fuel engine of 2.5 l in 1991, but it was soon replaced in the year 1995 with a 2.6l engine. Along with it, came other features like alloy wheels of about 15 inches, a transmission system of 5speed and disk brakes which are larger and ventilated.

Variable but attractive features

Volkswagen T3 Multivan will provide you with features that will make your experience with it more enjoyable and smooth. It will offer you with power steering, a new age steering to make the driver feel comfortable with the car, especially when driving for long hours in a not so smooth road. The car or multivan comes with a trans-axle and an internal combustion engine. Other new age innovative and exciting features that this will provide for you are the mirrors which are controlled by electricity, innovative door lock and air conditioning systems. These features were absent in the previous T2 model. The placement of the engine has been done in an intelligent manner; it has been placed in the middle of the car so as to give an equal weight distribution in the front and at the back. This gives a proper balance to the car.

Your friend for life

Volkswagen T3 Multivan, Photo #3 The purposes that this car will serve for you will make it your best friend for the entire life. The car will accompany you in your working time as well as your leisurely hours. It will never deter from providing efficient services for its customer. It’s pretty good mileage, super speed and safety assurance will make your ride worth remembering. They might come in expensive packages but spending money on a Volkswagen will be a clever investment for the rest of your life.