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Test Drive - 1969 Camaro Z28 RS DZ302 Four-Speed

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2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - 2013 New York Auto Show

1969 Chevy Camaro Black Z28 RS

Chevrolet Camaro rs z28 the most loved car in 1970s
It is a muscle car developed by Chevrolet during 1970s. Chevrolet designed lot of Camaro models but chevrolet camaro rs Z28 was the best model out of various produced. It received a significant response from the customers in the market. It laid the foundation for the company in developing the muscle cars.
Camero with revolutionary specs was a reputed car
The camero was designed with 108 inch wheelbase. The cost of the car was $573. The engine used in the car is Corvette 350 cid LT1 V8. The engine is made of big valves, aluminium pistons, and LT1 solid lifters. It uses a compression ratio of 11.01 and Holley four barrel 170cfm. The engine is rated to produce 370bhp in z28. The camera is included with an automatic transmission option with Hurst shifted Muncie and Positraction gears. Cameros are very effective in driving as it has firm underpinnings and polyglas. This was a trusted and reputable name during the 1970s.
Versatile exteriors and interiors
The exteriors of the car are based on the vintage classy design. The car has a deck lid and hood striping, seven inch wide magnet with polished lugs. The grille of the car is of black color. The rear spoiler used in the car is made of standard quality and the air induction used is declined in height. It has a unique nose treatment containing soft Endura grille and bumpers coated with chrome finish which give it a dazzling appearance. The design of the car is versatile and matured. It remained the perfect muscle car for many years after it was launched.
Modified and improved to give better performance
Now the chevrolet camaro rs z28 has undergone changes and the performance of the car is increased. The balance and acceleration of the car are brought to a new level after making improvements. The car now shows a astonishing brilliance in its performance. The camera has also been modified and used as a race vehicle. The famous Bob Jane has won both the 1972 and 1971 tournaments using this car.
Camero today
The Modern Camaro car was recent 2014 camaros was revealed by the company at the New York Auto Show. The car is upgraded in the exterior front and rear sides. The front end of the car is slimmer and the design of the grille is more refined with new fog lights. The design of the fascia is kept lower than the previous versions. The new Camaro now consist of taillights and headlights. It includes high performance engine called LS7 V8 engine which is capable of producing a power of 500hp. So the car is reassuringly powerful by nature. The engine used is same as the Corvette. The improvements made have increased the lap time of the car.
Appearances in the movies
The price of the car was tagged as $3,412. The built around 8733 cars of this model and were very popular. The fifth generation version of the car had made its made its appearance in the popular movie called transformers. The fictional character of the car was called as Bumblebee. Currently the car is used In the television series, Teen Wolf and Hawaii Five O.