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Dodge 024 manual 85HP (62 kW) @ 4800 rpm
Dodge 024 Miser manual 63HP (47 kW) @ 4800 rpm
Dodge Prowler GTX Automatic 245HP (181 kW) @ 6400 rpm

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The Dodge business coupe - Awesome and Invigorated

A Dodge business coupe is a subcompact smaller than the normal compact car, coupe utility constructed round 1982 to 1984 according to the L stage of Chrysler. The vehicle was first issued in 1982 and was conveyed simultaneously with Plymouth Scamp, its replacement emblem trademark. This uncommon model scrounged its front fascia and functional skin from the Dodge Omni 024 type.

Specifications of the vehicle

The Dodge coupe was conceived and manufactured by the Chrysler Company with a 2.2L carburetor and 96 hp inline-four engine with a 1,100 kg constrain weight. Early forms had 4-speed benchmark transmissions but were later advanced in 1983 when the 5-speed manual gearbox was introduced. The back part can carry a burden of around 519kg. The genuine competitors of this Dodge form were Subaru Brat and the Rabbit Sports truck by Volkswagen.

About the vehicle

Dodge Business coupe This Dodge coupe can be acquired at reasonable cost but the front-engine layout became a difficulty since this type of engine design is not generally utilized in trucks. The vehicles throughout those years were furthermore a very powerful competition and suggested better fit, complete and value. The Dodge Coupe endured three years and output was stopped after the 1984 form was made.


Although, this Dodge form furthermore has several benefits such as a brisk presentation, long-lasting motor, slick fashioning and was the only renowned front-wheel motor truck aside from the Rabbit from Volkswagen. One can get huge number of advantages of road holding with the vehicle's front-engine layout plus it is lightweight too. Its brakes are conceived to hold with lightweight or hefty burdens. There is a lever that connects the cargo carton with the back axle that can slender or broaden the back wheels' braking power. Many a times when a heavy heaviness impels down the carton of the vehicle where the lever opens to give the brakes expanded halting power and if the burden is quite lightweight, the valves will limit the power of the brakes. Furthermore, there is a broad space at the back of the front seats that has an artificial platter that can contain little things. It even has stylish gauges and dashboard devices of its predecessor (O24) though a slight oversight of the heater control was made since it was placed by the guiding wheel. The Dodge coupes are better looking than sedan's general. If one doesn't have passengers ever so he can prefer a two-door than a four-door really. Driving a coupe symbolizes flexibility and gives the freedom to have tension free drive. That's attractive mighty. In general one can find the more aesthetically satisfying and sportier looking when contrasted to 4-doors. An example of a sleek coupe is the dodge business coupe model; this car sports a ton of horsepower and it explodes to drive.

The Dodge coupe has uniqueness in it plus it brags of its fuel economy. The business coupe had about 17,000 to 17,576 models produced in 1982, round 7,500 in 1983 and round 3,000 in 1984. One word one can't aide with Dodge anymore is the phrase, "boring." stimulating vehicles, motor trucks, and SUVs for a market craving these kinds of warm vehicles.