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The new racing sensation Ford escort mk2 :

The Squarer style Mark version 2 was revealed to the world in the year 1975. The output of this model first started in the year 1974 on 2nd December. Unlike the first generation ford escort models, Mark version 2 was jointly developed by the ford of Germany and the United Kingdom. Mark version 2 had the same mechanical engineering as that of Mark version 1. In the large European Market small engines got the privilege of some advantages in tax revenue.

Different versions of carlike estate cars and vans were projected with the same layout as that of Mark version 1. But in the case of Mark version 2 only the interiors and the front end were adapted from Mark version 1. Ford escort mk2 underwent severe designing of its under body. When the cars like Hill man Avenger moved on to coil springs for its rear suspension, Mark 2 remained satisfied with its old leaf springs.

Check the cosmetic updates for this baby:

Ford Escort Mk2 Two of the most popular models of Mark version 2 were β€œL” and β€œGL” models. These cars came with 2 doors, 3 doors, 4doors and also in estate version. Between 1979 and 1981 there 3 special edition Ford Escorts were released and they were linnet, harrier and gold crest. But the production ended soon in United Kingdom in the year 1980. Also the rest of the countries stopped the production as well. However, Mark version 2 had a satisfying successful rallying career. The cars produced in Mexico had replaced the OHV engine with the new 1.6L OHC Pinto engine. The country also manufactured a sports model as well with 1.6L Kent engine. This car was created specially for the rallying.

The body shells of these special edition rally cars were heavily strengthened with RS 1800 Cosworth BDE engines. For night stages and racing, the car had specially designed 4 huge spot lights. The enactment of the model was done by the wide wheel arch extensions they possessed. Subsequently, upon advancement in the engine design, the 2.0L BDG engines were applied over the Cosworth BDE engines. These changes were implemented in the year 1979. The latest version of the engine supported the 5 speed straight cut ZF gearbox, 5 linked rear suspension, modification in the mirrors and strengthened transmissions very well. The car won all the race that happened in the year.

Sport features won many races:

Ford Escort Mk2, Photo #2 As the car was mostly used for the rallies and race always, the engine of the car played a very important role. The car had 1.6L, 1598cc, CID 97 engine. It made a satisfactory power of 63kW along with 125Nm torque. The car weighed 955kg and had a very distinct slant nose on the front end. It produced a top speed of 110mph and the acceleration had been 100kmph in just 8.9 seconds. It had sporty wheels and came with various different colors which instantly grab the attention. The popularity of the saloon was more than the sedan. The car’s wheelbase was 94.5”, length was 156.6”, width and height of 61.8”and 55.65” respectively. The car was one of the best turnouts of the Ford.

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