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Loyal Land Rover fans have been flocking to dealers to break up the last residual ‘old’ Discovery’s, terrified that its replacement won’t be as good. But that’s not the case. The new Land Rover Discovery v8 is everything it should be and, crucially, it’s a factual Land Rover, as it has been found out while testing the diesel type. But the legendary Land Rover V8 buried with the old vehicle and the effect of petrol powered engine on the buyers.

The engine description Rover/land-rover-discovery-v8-01.jpg" alt="Land Rover Discovery V8" title="Land Rover Discovery V8" width="1600" height="1200" onerror="image_load_error(this);" onload="image_load_resize(this, 'post');" /> Like the diesel, Land Rover’s gasoline power plant arrives from Ford PAG partner Jaguar. The 295bhp 4.4-litre V8 is a bored-out type of the XJ’s 4.2. It’s tuned to increase torque, yet at 315lb ft its 13lb ft down on the Discovery’s 2.7-litre V6 diesel engine and the car arrives at 4000rpm and 2100rpm higher.
Although, the Land Rover discovery V8 is lighter and packs an extra 107bhp. From rest position to 60mph it feels significantly much faster, though not rather the 4.5sec quicker that Land Rover assertions. Both motors have impressive mid-range shove but it’s at motorway races that the V8’s extra top-end power makes a difference.
But this is a unit that based on refinement. There is no specific undignified vibration, power consignment is smoother than a James Bond one-liner and it’s magnificently resonant up to the 6000rpm change-up issue. The V8 arrives with a six-speed ZF automatic engine. A games function presents quicker alterations and there’s also a manual mode, which combines with fine body command and unquestionable guiding to make the vehicle seem wieldier than a Volvo XC90 and not as agile as the BMW X5.
The ride is generally good, but can be apprehended out by pointed intrusions such as potholes or expansion breaches. Around village the Discovery is a somewhat very simple companion – although it’s long, it’s not impossibly broad so town streets can be undertook with confidence and the high seats offer superb visibility.

Price of the v8 model Rover/land-rover-discovery-v8-02.jpg" alt="Land Rover Discovery V8, Photo #2" title="Land Rover Discovery V8, Photo #2" width="625" height="371" onerror="image_load_error(this);" onload="image_load_resize(this, 'post');" /> Prices haven’t been fixed, but the HSE will cost round Ј48,000 – only Ј3k timid of a variety Rover 4.4 SE and Ј4k more than a Porsche Cayenne S. But the comparison fits with the Toyota Land Cruiser model.
Choose up a calculator and the V8’s case collapses. An HSE diesel would set you back round Ј5000 less. It is seated two protection assemblies smaller, should depreciate less and is expected to command a smaller company vehicle levy assembly than the V8’s 35 per cent. Land Rover assertions the V8 will cover up to18.8 miles for every gallon of fuel, while the diesel should do 27.2 miles (30 for the manual). At least the huge 86-litre fuel container should get you around 360 miles between fills.
In the USA the breakthrough V8’s presentation and refinement should make it a strike. But in a land where diesel is simpler to find, and gasoline charges rather more, it’s hard to make a case for the eight-cylinder breakthrough. Land Rover anticipates 90 per cent of Discos sold in Europe to be diesels, and we’re not shocked.