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Toyota Yaris 1.33 6 speed manual 99HP (73 kW) @ 6000 rpm
Toyota Yaris 1.33 6 speed manual 100HP (74 kW) @ 6000 rpm
Toyota Yaris 1.8 TS Manual 60HP (44 kW) @ 0 rpm
Toyota Etios Diesel 5 speed manual 68HP (50 kW) @ 3800 rpm
Toyota Etios Liva 5 speed manual 80HP (59 kW) @ 5600 rpm
Toyota Etios Liva Diesel 5 speed manual 68HP (50 kW) @ 3800 rpm
Toyota FCHV 5 Automatic 271HP (199 kW) @ 6200 rpm
Toyota FT86 Coup?© 6 speed manual 200HP (147 kW) @ 7000 rpm
Toyota FT86 Coup?© Automatic 6 speed automatic 200HP (147 kW) @ 7000 rpm
Toyota FT86 Coupé 6 speed manual 200HP (147 kW) @ 7000 rpm
Toyota FT86 Coupé Automatic 6 speed automatic 200HP (147 kW) @ 7000 rpm
Toyota Retro Cruiser Concept Automatic 285HP (210 kW) @ 5400 rpm
Toyota RT 20 Toyopet Tiara Sedan manual 64HP (47 kW) @ 4500 rpm
Toyota TES Concept T-Sports 5 speed manual 110HP (81 kW) @ 7000 rpm

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Why should drivers decide on Toyota Yaris RS?

Toyota Yaris RS The Toyota Yaris RS creates a perfect balance between style and performance. When compared against many rivals the model is easy to handle and extremely practical. The model showcases high quality, low running cost and a reliable nature. It is a classic creation, which rules the market of small family sized cars. The brand has seriously improved the body count of Yaris. As you take a closer look, you will definitely recognize its distinctive and characteristic features. The design looks exceptionally youthful and mature. The car’s actual body kit, rear bumper, front bumper and side striking posture has attracted young buyers.

Handling the Yaris

Toyota Yaris RS, Photo #2 The Toyota Yaris RS comes with several options and facets for improved handling. The model is predictable, well composed and safe. The car’s even corners have added more charm and grip to the enthusiastic model. It’s resisting body is carved carefully. This has helped the Yaris RS battle with the world’s finest family sized car manufacturers. Another feature which improves the appeal created by Yaris would be its smooth steering wheel. Apart from this, the car’s suspension takes the sting out of potholes and bumps. The rigid feel devoured by the car when it is driven over rough surface is remarkably amazing.

Technical facets of the Yaris

Toyota Yaris RS, Photo #3 In terms of reliability and quality, the Toyota Yaris RS is a world leader. The vehicle has an excellent cabin with fine materials and a flawless finish. The JD Power customer satisfaction review states that the developers have used startling materials for the car’s dashboard. Following on, the car has an unbeatable performance count. It has a 1.5 liter engine to produce a torque of 107 bhp when it rotates at 6000 rpm. The foremost specification is paired with a four speed automatic transmission system. The engine pull forth a movement to support a well refined and improved off road experience.

Customer satisfaction

Toyota Yaris RS, Photo #4 The model supports the roominess present in many other family sized cars. The decent storage space and leg space is spread evenly for all on board. The rear seats can be split folded at a ratio of 60:40 to elevate the boot space. Subsequently, the model is extremely economical. It is fuel efficient, while the amount of money to be spent on repairs and maintenance is very low. Thus, families with tight budgets can always have the Yaris RS in their must buy list! The vehicle’s low running cost makes it more performance oriented and customer friendly.

Environmental awareness

Toyota Yaris RS, Photo #5 The Yaris RS is up against two known names: “The Suzuki Swift Sport” and “The Honda Jazz”. Nevertheless, the Yaris continues to spread its mission of fun filled driving. The running cost, quality and reliability replicates the typical nature of Toyota. There is no other economical ride to compare against the characteristic experience devoured by the commercial brand. The Toyota Yaris RS focuses on environmental soundness. The car is one of greenest models in the market. Thus, if you want to save your wallet and enjoy a fresh ride, you must decide on this model!