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Volkswagen GTD 3 Door 6-speed manual 81HP (59 kW) @ 2600 rpm
Volkswagen GTD 5 Door 6-speed manual 81HP (59 kW) @ 2600 rpm
Volkswagen Magotan 1.8 TSI 6 speed manual 160HP (118 kW) @ 5000 rpm
Volkswagen Magotan 1.8 TSI Tiptronic 6 speed automatic 160HP (118 kW) @ 5000 rpm
Volkswagen Magotan 2.0 TSI 6 speed automatic 200HP (147 kW) @ 5000 rpm

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When travelling becomes easy and unbelievable – Volkswagen Bus

Volkswagen Bus The Volkswagen Bus is recognized as the world’s first and best minivan. It was invented by the same big minds, which brought forth the Volkswagen Beetle. The vehicle is very big and boxy, when compared against the Beetle’s chassis. Similarly, the model made use of the beetle’s amazing air cooled horizontal system with its four cylinder engine. Many Americans regarded the Volkswagen Bus as a real symbol of Liberty and freedom. It was a vehicle that served several generations unconditionally. The VM’s bus acquired several different names for each of its releases. The series includes prestigious names like the “Transporter”, “Euro Van”, “Station Wagon”, “Kombi” and later the “Micro Bus”. Read on to know more about the historic vehicle.

The hybrid system

Volkswagen Bus, Photo #2 Top and real competitors of the Volkswagen Bus are Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Town & Country, Nissan Quest and Honda Odyssey. Conversely, the modern interpretation of the Bus is simply admirable. The new van comes with a turbo charged diesel engine. It is a hybrid model with four cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. This helps the bus to evolve as a potent power train. Furthermore, the vehicle has a four speed manual that maintains a 5.37:1 final drive ratio. This eliminated the wheel rub reduction and ordained drivers with an improved ride. The novel double jointed axles and ball joint front suspension of the bus makes handling a lot easier!

Safety comes first

Additionally, the bus has special safety features. This includes an effective deep dish steering wheel that is mounted at a lower bus like angle. Similarly, the vehicle has a new padded dashboard, strong safety seat belts, sturdy shoulder belts and a non reflecting interior surface. The Volkswagen Bus allows drivers reach a speed of 60 mph in just 37 seconds, while the top speed maintained on busy roads amounts to 65 mph. The bus drives at 23 mpg on highways and at 19 mpg on busy roads.

Customizable cabins

Volkswagen Bus, Photo #3 The stylish VW Bus is exceptionally distinctive and special. It has a well designed interior with unique metal sheets and an economical frame. To control the cost of production, the vehicle has a 121.1 inch wheelbase. The bus has seven seats and if offers a “Stow n Go” systems with several “Swivel n Go” setups. The “Stow n Go” system enables drivers to fold the second and third row seats. While the “Swivel n Go” setup allows face to face seating between the third and second rows. This allows travelers choose their cabin arrangement.

A splendid tour

Volkswagen Bus, Photo #4 The VW bus replicates the heritage of minivans in a flawless manner. It uses sensational features like running gears, power trains, a general structure that looks and feels like the novel Dodge Grand Caravan. Nevertheless, VW has kept up with its stylish quotient and has created a model that surpasses the functionalities of many other famous brands. At a nominal price of $23000, the VW Bus is all that you would want to organize an amazing tour with several family members and friends!